Septic System being put in place …He is Faithful


Praise The Lord UPDATE We have been praying and standing in faith for what we had begun in reaching out to help this family.  God is faithful!!!  After Deep Roots began to ask for donations we seen little support from anyone. As we prayed and studied the Word of God, I heard instructions. Not an audible voice but ideas came and I began to make phone calls and send emails to people He told me to reach out to.  Soon I got a phone call back from MP Catastrophic Relief and Rescue we worked together to raise enough to get the electricity pole and water deposit.  It was progress and we Thanked God for every step.

We knew we needed the most costly thing so that the water and electric would not get cut off, the septic system.  Near and dear to my heart as this is my family and I wanted to honor my dad and my sister I began to seek Gods direction.  I knew this was a spiritual battle and as I visited with Brenda, she was praying for her family to see God in all of this.  Not to just get the need met but to have God save her loved ones lives, change their hearts.

God told me He loved them right where they are, not to let them forget that and to remind Brenda He is faithful to His Word if we can believe, and trust in Him.  I talked to God about people, and how they don’t want to give.  But I also talked to God about how I new He would get this need met according to His riches, I reminded myself and Brenda of how if need be God will send it in a fish mouth, make it swim to the surface or run out of a rock.  All these are things that God did to make provision when His people believed.

Brenda and I stood in agreement with the Word of God concerning salvation, provision and peace.  God wants our hearts, and our whole lives.  He cares about people not things.  If He gave you His only son, why would He with hold from you a little septic tank?  Many days and a year has past of prayers and encouraging ourselves in the Word of God and….

God spoke to me again to get in contact with the Cheryl Tiemann Central District Director for Senator Lois W. Kolkhorst in Texas.  With direction I began to step out and make calls, emails and get on social media sites.  With lots of no’s and “we won’t help because they are not married”, I stayed in remembrance of what God said.  He loves them and He wanted them to know it.  How do you show someone you love them?  Gifts, provision, care for them and about their needs?  God is no different.

Brenda and I had developed a faith buddy system, if one of us was needing to be encouraged, we would say, ” He is faithful”.   And let me tell you in the process of all this, Jimmy loves Brenda it was only due to circumstances that they were not married. So after the first step of getting the house he proposed, then came the wedding.  They were able to get married at their home in the process of provision came a promise and a covenant!!! God is so good, and I had the greatest blessing to officiate their wedding!


Deep Roots kept advertising for donations and we had a portion sown to this ministry.  The board of directors agreed that there was nothing else that we were believing for so we sent the donation to Lefan family as God directed us, at the time He directed us.  I say that because Gd spoke to us to be the first to sow extravagantly and stay in faith. This was the biggest offering we had ever sown. So we did.  On the day they recieved our offering the next offering came and then another and even another!!!!  He is Faithful!! And YES today we got news that a contractor is building an extra bedroom and bath on for my Daddy!!! I Honor my Heavenly Father and my earthly Daddy was honored!!!

God has taught me much about finances in the Kingdom and how He wants us to trust in Him, to sow when and where He says.  And thank Him for faithfulness to His Word. Joshua 1:5 No man shall be able to stand before you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses I will be with you.  God showed us that no man was going to keep what He said we could have from us, God in His faithfulness provided, using willingness of man.

This has changed their lives forever, knowing that God loves them so much.  He can use anyone who is obedient.

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