Children are like arrows


After spending a good Christmas with my family , having my Daddy with us we were confronted with some news of my son wanting to get his own place. They had not only looked at apartments but actually put a deposit down and was ready to move when we returned back from Texas. Happy New Year!!!!

It came as a bit of a shock mostly to the heart because this is the last of my children being with me. I know they’re adults and they want to go out on their own, but for a Mom it doesn’t make it easy to have an empty house…

So I had some pretty rough days just praying seeking the Lord for the next step in our lives. We had just refinanced the house and was planning on changing things in maybe 3 years, giving time for college for Andrew & Megan, and Bethy to come back from Korea. I really love my children and I know it’s a step forward for them to go and be on their own, so I began to seek the Lord.

As I begin my Bible study the Lord said something to me, “ Children are like arrows you can’t keep them in a quiver. They have purpose, they have been shaped ,sharpened, and balanced for the reaching of their  target.”

Psalms 127: 4-5 Sons who are born to a young man are like arrows in the hand of a warrior. Happy is the man who has his quiver full of arrows. They will not be defeated when they fight their enemies in court.

The Lord led me to study some information about an arrow.
Arrow: A stabilized projectile launched from a bow.
Fetching: the feathers this stabilizes the arrow through the spin.
Nock: A notch at the rear of the bow for the string.

As I’m reading this I hear on the inside, God says, “an arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards, when life is dragging you backwards with difficulties it means you’re about to be launched into something great, stay focused and keep your aim.”

My heart was pounding, so you see when an arrow is launched it is not a straight shot the arrow bends and twist its way to the target rather than keeping perfectly straight. The bow is the launching place where the arrow is released from. Placing the arrow in the nock, then begin pulling back on the bow string transfers your strength to the arrow, readying for launch!!!!

Are you seeing the parallel? With the arrow and our children, and us being the bow?

An arrowhead: The point sharpened for a particular purpose. Arrowheads are made differently from different materials for different purposes. The arrowhead determines the arrows purpose the most important part of the arrow. The point is safely but securely attached to the shaft for a good successful launch. God has a particular purpose for each child. They have to allow God to shape them.

The Hafting process: securing of the shaft to the arrowhead, making the arrowhead more effective, improved for fulfillment of purpose. A perfect example of this is an axe head. The axe head can work as a tool on its own, but if you actually add a handle to it it’s much more effective as an axe. This process is called napping or grinding. The arrowhead has to have flangers (cutting) on one end to make indention’s to be attached. Both shaft and arrowhead go through some chipping away to fit together perfectly. The wood has to be softened soaked in the water to allow cuts for the grafting end of the arrowhead.
This is reminiscent of cutting covenant remember when God cut covenant with Abraham how animals were split right down the middle for the engrafting of us into the Kingdom. God showed me how this process is the molding and shaping of our children when they become adults, how they have to have a relationship with Him. We have prepared them all our lives together, for what God has for them and for us in the future.

The process is time consuming as a lifetime of raising a child, an arrow in your quiver being prepared to launch. The arrow never is separated from the shaft (GOD) and the process (covenant) stays with them. But the arrow goes on to fulfill his/her purpose. And we rejoice with them!!!!

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