The Glory Refuge Church: Pastor James & Rita


The dream God gave Pastors James and Rita is to build a drug rehabilitation center that focuses on healing the spirit, mind, and body from the effects of drugs is finally becoming a reality. They have been given these unused churches for a greatest purpose. This purpose is to be restored as a house of worship and Bible school.

As They began this work the pastors say to let this serve as example as God’s love. His love reaching out to us in hard times when we are feeling torn up and forgotten. Oh but God hasn’t forgotten us. He loves us so much that He’s waiting for the perfect time to restore us and all that we’ve lost.

Get involved with this ministry by praying, and finding out what they need. Glory Refuge Church is a ministry called to help mend the lives of hurting people who have been living with addictions and don’t know where to turn for help.

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