A call to build the house of the Lord


Haggai is a prophet. He is encouraging the people to rebuild the temple. He assures the people that if they would give priority to God’s work, they would prosper. He points out that God has withdrawn his blessing because people are so concerned with building their comfortable houses for themselves not the Lords Temple.

Doesn’t sound so far from today and how even Gods people are more concerned about their things and not their spirit. A clear message of getting our priorities straight. If you haven’t noticed lately , the spiritual things are more important in the face of a battle, then the physical things.
NO more excuses!!!

The first chapter he is stirring up the people to action asking us to consider what we are putting time, money, and effort into, giving us the reference of putting into a bag with a hole in it. In Haggai 1: 12 the people listened👂 to and obeyed the voice 🗣 of the Lord their God not vaguely, not partly , but completely since the Lord their God had sent the prophet to the people they turned to the Lord.

Second chapter it’s time to get to work!!! He’s given us everything that we need to build our spiritual house. Be obedient, we have to respect God and reference him by doing what he’s told us to do. You were born with a purpose from God and only in him will you find that out.
Choosing to do what God tells you To do He let’s you know you will need to be courageous and strong , but you have to do the work!!!!!!

AND….Haggai 2:4 I AM WITH YOU……

God himself is with you to encourage you, to strengthen you, to empower you, to fulfill the work he’s purposed you to do.

And he reminds us of the covenant that he made with us. His spirit abides in us! Do not fear , it’s only for a little while you will go through these trials and tribulations. God will cause you to triumph!!!
But it started with leadership, you humbling yourself to the Lord and letting him lead you by his spirit. Being born again, saved : is you being a spiritual being. You have a soul:your mind your will and your emotions . But you live in the physical body on this earth.

The choice of a bright future is ours. Haggai is asking us…

Will this generation be faithful to God and fulfill the promises?

Don’t let your life in Christ be ceremonial, in Haggai 2:13 he reminds us that unholiness is infectious, that you bring a contaminated offering to the Lord being half hearted and therefore your life is lived half heartedly.

  • Our choices matter
  • Obedience of God’s people is part of how God works in the world.
  • We should be motivated by humility and God to action.

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