In the church, we divide easily because we love shallowly.


Chapter six Until Unity by Francis Chan.

Love is the answer, it might sound oversimplified and cheesy, but love is the answer. Our divisions usually aren’t caused by a difference in theology, but a lack of relationship. It’s the shallowness of our love.

When you’re deeply in love, division is unfathomable.
In the church, we divide easily , because we love shallowly. We need to value being together more than we value being right in a situation or a conversation. it’s also quite apparent to those around us when love isn’t there and a relationship seems forced or out of obligation.

2 John 7-11 Be warned.
I have seen this passage used by modern day heresy hunters to encourage the removal of anyone who doesn’t adhere to their theology. I would just like to caution you that John is speaking of the extreme and specific case here. About people who denied that Christ came in the flesh, it’s not about just any point of theology.

Francis Chan

1 Corinthians 2:2 Know Jesus, we are warned of false teachings in the New Testament.

Matthew 24:5, 1 Corinthians 12:3, Colossians 2:16-23,1 Timothy 1:4, Jude 4 just to list a few.

“False teacher” , has been applied to anyone who disagrees with us on anything. Know what Jesus is teaching about when he talks about false teachers.

Partnership without compromise: every person is going to be judged by God so each one of us must be careful to obey the Scriptures. We will all give account before God how we have lived by the Scriptures.

Ephesians 4:1-3 One body, one spirit. Ultimately we do not get to determine who is called a child of God – He does!

As a mother of two children I love for my children to get together around my table and we have a meal. As the prodigal son Luke 15:11-32 the father wants his children to come together around a table to share a meal , why?
The table is a place of celebration, a place of relationship, a place of healing, mutuality, equality, grace, and blessing. The father was after relationship it wasn’t about what each son could offer, it was just about them being there together.

We can see that immaturity is one source of disunity, it’s running away from the Father to pursue your own passions!!! Stop trying to make a name for ourselves when our Heavenly Father is calling,” come home, join me at the table, it’s time to celebrate!”

Put aside our selfishness and come back to the Father just as we are, regardless of our past or current situation, you’re invited to Gods table…. His joy is gathering all of His children including the ones who have not cleaned themselves up and who has refused to come because their disgust over the guest list… the point is to enjoy being together in God’s family.

The feast is going to happen the question is whether you will be joining your brothers and sisters, and our Father?

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