I wonder if you have suffered a loss, Maybe your husband left, or a child passed away ,maybe your teenager ran away or someone you love committed suicide.

I want you to read the next few words carefully and slowly.


You may not feel this to be true, but if you hold on to your Faith, God is going to use the rubble, the tears and the heartache for a greater purpose.

Amos 3:12 (NK)V) paints a great picture, though when you first read it, it might seem strange: “As a shepherd takes from the mouth of a lion two legs or a piece of an ear, so shall the children of Israel…

A beautiful allegory here where a lion is devouring a lamb and the only thing left for his shepherd to salvage is 2 legs and a piece of the ear. The shepherd fought for them because they mattered!!! They have purpose! They are worth redeeming!!

If you’re hurt and weighed down by a family struggle you are going through, it ain’t over yet. You may not have the things you had before, your life may look differently , but you are not finished.

If you still have an ear to hear and a leg to stand on, you can stand on God‘s word. You can find hope in the promise that though your beginning was small yet your latter end would increase abundantly Job 8:7.

Fight, Pray and Fast.

You stand up!
You fight for what is left. God will fight for you.
Talk again, forgive again, reach out again and go to dinner again!

Refuse to give up, and allow depression and worry and anxiety to overcome you.

Great book I highly recommend reading this!

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