Holy Week continues


Maybe you have been reading along from the original post of holy week following in the link of resurrection Sunday. Today would be day four.
Iโ€™m reading this and studying it In remembrance of what Jesus did, and what he went through to lead us to salvation.
But in the reality of reading this, it also puts things in perspective of today.

Judas refused to change. Judas saw absolute miracles, over and over and over, and yet it was not enough to achieve Judas’ complete devotion and loyalty. He started in his natural selfish ways and he finished in them in death. Even after everything he saw and experienced, he was not convinced. He still was not trans-formed. Christianity is not about a better you; it’s about complete transformation. It is about change. It’s not enough to go to church and hear the word. It’s about allowing the Lord to change you.

Judas wanted to give Jesus something, but not every-thing. Judas got upset with the woman with the alabaster box because she gave her everything.

Too many want enough of Jesus to go to Heaven but not give their whole life.

Do you give your whole heart in worship? Do you give your whole heart in helping others? Do you read your Bible or simply have a Bible?

Judas called worship waste. When she began to pour out that expensive perfume, she gave her most precious possession, but Judas saw it as wasteful. What Mary called worship Judas called waste. Too many do not worship in spirit OR truth they just endure the worship time rather than giving their all in worship.

Jesus knew Judas would betray Him, but He loved Judas equally anyway. Jesus could have thrown Judas under the bus, but He didn’t. He just kept giving grace, over and over and over.

Judas knew about Jesus but He didn’t KNOW Jesus. Judas was impatient with God’s timing. He had incorrect timing. We cannot give God deadlines and insist on our wil on our timing. God does things in His timing and not ours.
When we get impatient, we can miss the Lord’s perfect will.

Oh Lord, how it hurts my heart to imagine someone so close to You conspiring to have You killed. Surely You had to know and You loved him anyway, right up to the end. Your love is amazing. I pray that should I ever be betrayed by a trusted friend that I will be able to love them with a godly love.

I pray for that kind of love, even if it hurts.

And Lord, I was amazed at the courage and the determination of the woman who poured her most expensive perfume on You. I seek that kind of courage and determination in my praise and worship. May I learn to worship You, in public and in private, in such a way that there is no fear or concern from what anyone thinks but You. You are my God and I am so thankful that You took the time to be fully human too.

I love You, Lord. I thank You, Lord. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen ๐Ÿ™.

When I go through things in this life, it gives me even greater comfort knowing You understand because You felt everything we feel.

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