Don’t Sweep It Under the Rug! 🧹

When you apologize to someone, what do you say? For many, the answer is a simple “I’m sorry.” But why are you are sorry? What are you sorry for? 
An apology always has more impact when it’s specific.
For example, a tardy spouse might say, “I’m sorry I came home late. I know that you worked hard to be ready on time, and I showed up 30 minutes late. I feel bad that I’ve made you wait. I hope you will forgive me.” This apology communicates that you are aware that your behavior inconvenienced your spouse and that you feel badly about it. 
Here’s an apology you should never use: “I’m sorry you got hurt.” That shifts the blame to your spouse and actually isn’t an apology at all. It’s far better to say, “I’m sorry my behavior hurt you.” 
Apologies are crucial for healthy relationships because we are imperfect humans, but too many people think they are apologizing effectively when in fact they are missing the mark. 

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